Online booking has to be done at least two days before the proposed date of the pooja.

For example if you want the pooja to be performed on 11th instant you must book the pooja on 9th instant.
Please go through the “instructions and Frequently asked questions (FAQs)” carefully before completing the form.

a) Already a devotee and first time user

    If your details are already available at the Ashram database but you are booking poojas online for the first time – use this option

b) Existing user Login

    If your details are already available at the Ashram database and you have booked the poojas online already – use this option


   Please click forget password option. This will take you to page no.3 wherein three options viz : Mail ID, Mobile Number, Devotee ID will be available. Use any one of the three options. You will receive an OTP in your registered mobile as well as in your registered email. (This OTP is valid only for fifteen minutes.) Please enter the OTP in the box. It will take you to Change password page. Type and retype your new password and save. Now login with the new password.

c) New Registration

    If your details are not available at the Ashram database – use this option. Though you might have booked poojas at the Ashram in person, if your details are not available at Ashram database please register through this website

In the option a) and c) you will receive an One Time Password (OTP). Use that OTP to login. This will take you to the change password page. Type a password ( a combination of alphabets and numbers is suggested for a strong password) confirm the password you have typed. Then click save. This will take you to the devotee page.


    DEVOTEE ID: Please type your ID (Your Registered Mobile No / your email id.) and click Submit. You will get an OTP (one time password) fill the OTP column. The online booking will pick up details automatically if it is available in the data base. (at present the devotees need not fill up this column) if no details are coming please try to type your id again. If still you cannot login register again through new registration.

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